Web Developer Toolbars and Browser Plugins


Web Developer Toolbars

This notes give me the possibility to add for most used browsers the Web Developer extensions in a very simple way.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Nice toolbar with features to analyze the HTML source, CSS and IE special hasLayout (see article above) feature. Only needed for IE 6 and IE 7. In Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 you can access the build in Web Developer Toolbar by pressing the F12 key.

Opera Developer Tools

Really good toolbars from the Dev.Opera community resource site. A great extension for the implemented features in Opera.

Web Developer, Firefox Add-on

Really comprehensive extensions for all web developers, who want quick and easy analyze the own site or other sites.

Safari Web Inspector

The Web Inspector is now implemented since Safari 3.0 beta. This tool offers many interesting features to check how a site is made. You can enable the Web Inspector in the menu "Edit" on entry "Preferences". Switch to "Advanced" and set the checkbox for the extra Developer Menu.

It's a bit difficult to get a web developer toolbar for older Safari versions. I really didn't found something for Safari 1.x or Safari 2.x. Take a look on following links for more information:

Google Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome using like Safari the Web Inspector Tools. Since Google Chrome 3.x they are build in and per default activited. To access these tools, use the menu "page" or the context menu.

The Mozilla Firefox Add-on - Web Developer Toolbar is also available for Google Chrome. You can get it on the Website of Chris Pederick, the developer for this extension.

Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT)

This Web Accessibility Toolbar is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera. The Web Accessibility Toolbar from the Paciello Group contains features to do a quick Accessibility test.

Browser Plugins

The category "Browser scan" offers the possibility to check your installed plugins. This list above didn't show all plugins, but the currently most commonly used plugins. It will be changed in irregular intervals.

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